Month: May 2015

The Meaning Of “Mad Men”

Ahead of its series finale airing this Sunday, Nathan Blake looks back on AMC’s Mad Men, where its characters are at, and the show’s major themes. *This post contains plot and character developments in the series. So consider this a…SPOILER ALERT.*



“…And Finally, Here We Are”: The Troublesome History of SPECTRE

The teaser trailer for the twenty-fourth James Bond film, Spectre, was recently released. In this post, Ryan looks back at the troublesome franchise history of the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion (SPECTRE). (more…)

Cathode Ray Colonialism

–Scott Stalcup

Critics like Alan Sepinwall and Brett Martin champion the current productions that constitute the developing Third Golden Age of Television.  Existing predominantly on cable and pay cable channels, the programs were less subjected, or not subjected at all, to FCC regulations regarding obscenity.  Nor were they subjected to pandering to advertisers.  Thus, by having limited-to-zero commercial interruptions, seasons on cable had a shorter length.  As a result, “it meant tighter, more focused serial stories [and] less financial risk on the part of the network, which translated into more creative risk on screen” (Martin 6).  This, in turn, shifted storytelling from “bottle” episodes to “the equivalent of countless movies” and at the production level thereof (6).  Fantastic though it all sounds, the mother country got there first.