The 2 Shot’s One Year Anniversary: One Year Down, Hopefully Many More To Come

During the dog days of summer 2014, two yokels from Northern Illinois began working on a little startup blog dedicated to media and popular culture.

As more and more hours were spent working on the site and charting its future trajectory, the venture became something much more meaningful than a graduate school assignment, and it was certainly more enjoyable than anything else going on.
Over the past year, the founders of the 2 Shot came to realize that the blog is an ideal means of expression; a platform for waving the metaphorical “geek flag” high overhead; an online community for like-minded people to gather together and actively engage with troupes and consider themes; a designated area for us to claw below the surface of what we see and hear and consider the mass media’s latent powers of persuasion.
The 2 Shot is still a baby, and like all little bubbling bundles of joy, the blog is still finding its legs. In the upcoming months, we look forward to trying new things, opening up the discussion to more of our readers, and ultimately continuing to develop our voice.
In other words, we are slowly discovering the blog’s “it-ness.” It takes time and a lot of work, but we sure as hell are having as much fun today as we were on Day One.

 Coming Attractions

In the next few weeks, the 2 Shot will present a series of James Bond-inspired blog posts leading up to the U.S. premiere of  Spectre.
Upon the film’s release, co-founders Nick Fleming and Ryan Pumroy will review the 24th 007 adventure and consider its position within the long running series, a hallmark of American cinema and the ultimate in escapism.
Highlighting the lives and careers of  the less well-known figures in media, the first edition of Below the Line, featuring Jean Shepherd, was a satisfying experiment that will certainly feature a return in the near future.

One comment

  1. Right. I get that Halloween is Saturday and Nick, that’s the best Les Nessman costume EVER, even if Richard Sanders was less beardy during his time on WKRP, but Ryan, who in the bloody Hell are you supposed to be in this picture?


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