Month: November 2015

“Brooklyn” Review

Post by Nathan Blake

Nathan Blake reviews Brooklyn (2015), directed by John Crowley. (more…)


Review: “Spectre”

Ian Fleming’s fictional spy, James Bond, returns to theaters in his 24th adventure, Spectre. Before taking a closer look at what may very well be Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond, Nick Fleming briefly looks back at the actor’s mark on both the character and the series at large.

The following review contains MINOR SPOILERS.


Essential 007: The Villains

For a half century, the villain, a hallmark of the James Bond series, has been the yardstick in which an entry’s quality is measured. With less than a week’s time before the U.S. release of Spectre, the 2 Shot‘s Nick Fleming looks back at the seven quintessential Bond antagonists.


Essential 007: The Theme Songs

A Post by Nick Fleming with Ryan Pumroy

The James Bond series is one with many hallmarks. One of its most beloved is the all important theme song. In commemoration of the release of the latest 007 adventure, Spectre, the 2 Shot’s Nick Fleming and Ryan Pumroy look back at the ten themes that best personify the series and have endured the test of time.


James Bond & Me

With only days until the US release of Spectre, Ryan reflects on the James Bond franchise’s role in his life. (more…)

Wish Bones & Dutch Apple Pie: The Humble Beginnings of my Bond with Bond

With a few weeks to go before James Bond makes his 24th official return to the U.S. with Spectre, Nick Fleming reflects on the beginnings of his affection for the series against the backdrop of the holidays.