Month: November 2017

Review: “Lady Bird” (2017)

by Nathan Blake

It might seem strange to call Lady Bird a love-letter to Sacramento, but it is exactly that. First-time director Greta Gerwig, who also wrote the script, uses an intimate scope to capture the complexities of her hometown, and the result is one of the best films of the year. (more…)


Posters as a Stamp of the Auteur

by Nathan Blake

While analyzing the first promotional materials for Steven Spielberg’s The Post, I was immediately struck by the font used in the trailer and on the film’s poster. The Helvetica font was previously used in posters, trailers and opening titles for Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can, which also starred Tom Hanks. The font also played a part in advertisements for Saving Private Ryan, though that was not the font used for titles within the film itself. (more…)