About Us

The 2 Shot is a blog dedicated to publishing short essays on media and culture.

It was founded in October 2014 by co-founders and editors-in-chief Nick Fleming and Ryan Pumroy, who were both Media Studies graduate students in Northern Illinois University’s Department of Communication. The blog operates independently and it is unaffiliated with any specific institution at this time.

Our aim is to publish interesting, thoughtful, and quality pieces that are accessible for online audiences.

We welcome critical essays and studies; reviews of music, television, film, books; reflections on the careers of influential masters of their craft; essays on teaching media-related courses; and more.

In short, the sky’s the limit. The canvas is yours.

We welcome submissions from professors, lecturers, authors, instructors, professionals, independent scholars, journalists, and students.


For questions, inquiries, proposals, and everything and anything in between, please send us an email: thetwoshot@gmail.com