Nick Fleming


Nick Fleming received his MA in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University. He has a background in media production and some of his research interests include film and broadcast history, representations of gender in American cinema and television, and fan studies. He currently is working as an adjunct instructor in Southern Illinois.

Ryan Pumroy


Ryan Pumroy studies media and popular culture (particularly film, TV, online, social, DVD/Blu-ray, and paratextual) and their intersections with history, politics, and socio-cultural factors. He has also been known to make documentary videos and worked in public radio. His work has appeared in The Journal of Popular Culture. He has a Master of Arts from Northern Illinois University. His Twitter handle is @ryanpumroy.


Nathan Blake

551464_364543157045541_766899122111628359_n (2)

Nathan Blake is a scholar of media and popular culture at Northern Illinois University. He has written numerous papers on auteur theory and long form television and has been involved in the production of several narrative and documentary short films.

Scott Stalcup

SelfPortrait scott

Scott Stalcup received his MA in Communication Studies from Northern Illinois University in 2015.  He valiantly continues to finish the dissertation for his English PhD.  Some may wonder why it is taking him so long considering his long list of publications, including articles and book reviews for the likes of ELN, Studies in Popular Culture, Gothic Studies, The Journal of Mind and Behavior, and even a few book chapters, including his most recent in the anthology Time Travel and Television on the UK comedy Red Dwarf.  If approached in the wild, it is best not to get him on the subjects of the Ramones or Joy Division, and whatever you do, NEVER mention J.G. Ballard.    

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