Submissions / Contact

What to Submit

Short essays or posts from an accessible, yet academic, perspective about media and cultural studies topics.

While we do not have a set word count, most posts should generally be 500-1000 words.

We welcome posts from professionals, students, faculty, and independents of all levels. We are not interested in being gatekeepers. We are interested in sharing ideas and engaging in dialogue.

How to Submit

1. Become a contributor. This allows for your own profile on the site, and makes cataloging your posts easier. Email us at with a brief bio and with the request for access. Contributing members are able to draft their own posts, but they must get editor approval for publishing.

2. Have one of the editors post your essay for you. Email a Microsoft Word file of the essay to us at and indicate you want us to review and post it ourselves. You will be credited for authoring the post. However, this way makes it more difficult to catalog your posts.



Image files should be of good quality and adequate size. Most usage will fall under fair use. You may send images to be used in your essay. If you do not send an image, in most cases, we will add a relevant image to the post.


Most video sites allow for embedding. Videos should be relevant to your post and shouldn’t be excessively long.

Proofreading for online publication

Check for spelling errors. Check for clarity. Make sure your sentences flow well. These are the basics of writing. The editors reserve the right to make changes for spelling errors and clarity. If we think a change would alter your intentions or ideas, we will contact you.

For online publication, make note of paragraph length. In print, large paragraphs are easier to digest. On the web, it is usually better to have smaller paragraphs for visual variety and ease on the eyes.


One of the great features of web publishing is being able to link to other materials, articles, pictures, or videos. Intertextuality at its finest. If you write your own post as a contributor, please put hyperlinks directly into your essay. If you want us to post your essay for you, please include the hyperlink in [brackets] in the text.

Submitting Media for Review

We are also open to reviewing books, articles, videos, films, home entertainment, or any other media items. If you want to send us something digitally or physically, please email us at


For questions, inquiries, proposals, and everything and anything in between, please send us an email:


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