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Classic Man: A Tribute To Robert Osborne

Post by Ryan Pumroy

Like many, I was deeply saddened to learn Robert Osborne had passed away earlier this month. It is comforting to see all of the tributes in the media and on social media. A humble man, Bob probably would have thought it all too much.  (more…)


Robert Osborne: Memories of the Movie Man

Post by Nick Fleming

Robert Osborne, film enthusiast, historian, journalist, and host of Turner Classic Movies passed away March 6. The following post, written in the days since his death, is in honor of his memory. (more…)

Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

Robert Osborne passed away today at the age of 84. For many, Robert wasn’t just the face of Turner Classic Movies; he was Turner Classic Movies. The 2 Shot, and film lovers the world over, mourn his loss.

Coming in the near future, we will have posts celebrating Robert’s life.

Rest in peace, Robert (1932-2017).